[Es2] rear brake upgrade?

Richard Tanimura richard.tanimura at gmail.com
Wed Nov 9 09:22:21 EST 2005

There is a DIY solution that Tommy Arnberg of the 20VKruemmer list
tested. I have used this on my S2 and it works fine.

It consists of:
1. The front rotors from an Audi A3. You want the 270 x 22 rotors. I
can give you the Brembo numbers later. These rotors have almost
exactly the same "hat" depth as the original S2 rotors. The difference
is 2mm.
2. The carriers from the S8.
3. The calipers from an urS4 or from the RS4. Mine are RS4.

You have to modify the A3 rotors because they are 5/100 and ours are
5/112. You have to drill out the holes to atleast 15.3 mm (I have 15.5
mm). And you have to increase the centering hole to 68 mm. I have done
all of this this week so I am sure of the numbers.

I had to mill 2 mm off the inside of the carriers. Otherwise they
rubbed on the edge of the rotors.

Use pads from the urS4.

The RS4 calipers required that I moved the parking brake wire a bit. I
also used a Dremel to open up the hole for the parking brake wire. No
big surgery, just a little snipping and fitting. I have never tried
the urS4 calipers so I don't know if they are a straight bolt on or

One huge disadvantage with the RS4 calipers is that the brake lines
cost a fortune. I paid $130 each for the lines !! They have built in
banjo bolts and are really over the top. This might motivate using the
urS4 calipers.

Zat's all. You will like the upgrade but you won't see a huge
difference in braking power. I did it for the parking brakes which now
work fine.


On 11/9/05, elijahallen92 at aol.com <elijahallen92 at aol.com> wrote:
> Ben,
> I had an extra set of urs4 calipers so I ordered a set of rotors and S8 carriers from Billzcat1. It seems like it will be a nice easy to install upgrade, I haven't installed it yet because I've been doing other things but plan to install it soon. Here is the link.  http://billzcat1.com/Brakes/rearbrakes.html
> Elijah
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> Hey guys,
> I'm tired of un-ceasing my e-brake levers every year so it's time for an
> upgrade. I currently have the stock calipers over almost new stock S2 rear
> rotors. I suppose I could just replace the stock calipers with new ones and call
> it a day, but I want to see what my options are. Anyone have any advice on a
> relatively cheap bolt-on rear brake upgrade for a CQ with 5x112 hubs?
> Thanks!
> Ben
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