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I might have read that wrong, did you mean 034efi would do the tweeking of the DP to make it work with RS2/stock manifolds?? If so, sorry for the last post. 
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This would work with a K26 hybrid and an RS2 Ex. manifold?
If so, count me in.
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Subject: [Es2] Any interest in a 3 inch downpipe with a KKK flange?
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Is there any interest in a run of 3in down pipes with KKK flanges?

I've been talking to Javad about using the 034EFI DP, but making it 
available with a KKK Flange.

Some of the modifications required are the KKK flange, and some "tweaking" 
of the pipe, since in its current form, its designed to work with the 034 
20V exhaust header.

The resulting downpipe would work in the B3/B4 chassis and should also work 
with 4kqs and Urqs...


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