[Es2] Poll: what's the best ECU upgrade for RS2 spec 3B?

Peter Schulz pcschulz at comcast.net
Wed Sep 14 12:07:12 EDT 2005


Talk to Bob Myers on the S car list...http://chips-ur-s.com/Entrance.html
He's as US distributor of Mihnea's SW....

He may have something else available.- or can get something from Mihnea 
that he has used on RS2 modified S2s in Europe.

My understanding is that you can use your existing 3B MAF and not upgrade 
to the $$ RS2 one.


At 01:35 PM 9/13/2005, Ben Klumper wrote:
>Here is the setup I will be running in my 3B powered CQ:
>RS2 turbo & EM
>RS2 injectors
>So I'm looking for a chip set that will get me 360-380 hp. I currently 
>have an MRC setup for my stock 3B but find it to be a little laggy and I 
>tend to run fairly rich. Mihnea hasn't tuned a lot of RS2'ed 3B's either, 
>so I'm a bit hesitant. What about the IA upgrade?
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