[Es2] UrS6 wiring, CQ wiring, Jimmy Pribble's contact info

Nik Bosyk jettasdaddy at gmail.com
Tue Sep 20 16:45:02 EDT 2005

Hi everyone. 

I'm trying to make a bridge harness to plug the UrS6 AAN wiring
harness into the CQ harness. A couple of the online resources have
disappeared (like the eS2 files from UrS4.com), so I'm hoping someone
or some people out there in Audi land can lend me a hand.

As some of you may or may not know, the UrS6 wiring harness
unfortunately doesn't just "plug-n-play" in the CQ's chasis harness.
The CQ uses rectangular, flat connections, while the AAN wiring
harness uses boxy connections with round terminals, I think they are
called "kostal connectors", but not positive.

On the eS2 pages of UrS4.com, there were a couple of spreadsheet files
that may or may not help me. They were titled "CQ.xls" and "200.xls",
and apparently they broke down some of the wiring. If anyone still has
these files on their harddrive and is willing to email them to me,
please let me know.

If I can't find the files on my own, do you think Jimmy Pribble would
mind getting an email from me asking if he still has a copy of the

If anyone else has previous experience with dropping an AAN into a CQ
and has some tips, pointers or cautions, I'd be glad to hear them. So
far I have the motor in and things are really coming together, but it
won't mean squat until the motor is wired in to the car and everything

Thanks again guys! (And gals?)

Nik Bosyk
"The rights of the individual outweigh the comfort of the majority"

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