[Es2] 2Bennett S2 recovered! (a little long)

Tom Vandervoort tvandervoort at msn.com
Tue Sep 20 23:41:10 EDT 2005

Some of you know me, the owner of eS2 II, who's alway lurking, but not 
participating in the great eS2 list.  As I told Elijah at the Audi Club 
school the last few days, Andrew told me late last week that his S2 was 
recovered in Sacramento, 20 minutes from the 2B shop in Davis, CA.  Ken 
Bennett, who was also at the school with his scorching fast GTR Audi 

Andrew told me that the doors, body panels, RS2 front bumper, S2 steering 
wheel, seats and gray S2 gauge cluster were all taken before the car was 
abandoned.  But get this: NO, repeat NO, performance parts were removed.  
These idiots did not realize what they had stolen.  Andrew said he put the 
key in the ignition and the car started!  The engine and all S2, RS2 bolt-on 
part were intact as was the suspension, race brakes, etc.  There must be a 
damaged Coupe quattro out there somewhere that had an accident.

My eS2 ran well at RA and we'll be driving it to California to leave it at 
Dean Treadway's warehouse again for the fall and winter Audi schools out 
there.  It's likely to get a larger fuel rail and injectors at 2B since it's 
been fighting for fuel at top end on the track with last year's  RS2 turbo 
and Stage 3 Lehman chip.  The S2 rail and injectors just can't get enough 
fuel in there.

'91 eS2 II (new 3B engine replaced 3B installed in '99)
'91 200tq Avant (oldie but goodie daily driver)
'99 A4 1.8tq Avant (now with daughter)

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