[Es2] Help with RS2 headlight leveling electronics

Steve Eiche seiche at shadetreesoftware.com
Thu Sep 22 10:38:37 EDT 2005

The headlight level control was mandated in Germany around 1990, so all 
vehicles manufactured after that time will have the ability to accept 
the motors.   All cars have some version of this system in Germany.

1.  Yes, the system is simple, if you already have the motors you are 
half way there.  You just need the control switch and some wiring.  Each 
servo gets three wires (X contact power, control and gnd) that go to the 
control switch.

2.  Active headlight control is required by law in the US with HIDs.  I 
have them for my ur quattro (factory on the '90 quattro 20V)

3.  It already is manual.  Only the new cars with HIDs got the automatic 

If you want to adapt the automatic system from a new Audi with HIDs, 
that wouldn't be too difficult, but you would have to add the sensors to 
the suspension and add the control module.


Mike Teter wrote:

>Hi All,
>I received a pair of RS2 style projector headlights to be fitted to  
>my CQ and was surprised to see that the lights have the leveling  
>servos. I've never dealt with these leveling systems before so, a  
>little help would be appreciated.
>1. Is it possible to gather the additional electronics to enable the  
>self-leveling system?
>2. Is leveling only necessary when fitting HID lamps or should it be  
>active with standard bulbs as well?
>3. Has anyone hacked together a manual control system?
>Many thanks for any advice.
>Mike Teter
>90 CQ
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