[Es2] Need help AAN conversion into coupe- So Cal

Fkutyba at aol.com Fkutyba at aol.com
Mon Apr 17 00:59:42 EDT 2006

Hey guys
Let me start out by thanking all of you for all the information over the  
I am still working on this 20v AAN conversion into the 90 quattro  coupe-
Would like to retain the AAN harness. 
Anyone in so cal who is willing to come in and help me wire it up? 
Or does anyone have directions ( website to refer too ) for the  wiring.
I also have access to a 3b harness if that is easier..
please email me directly- _fabryce at Gmgracing.com_ 
(mailto:fabryce at Gmgracing.com) 
Thanks again for all your help..

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