[Es2] [urq] Wiring Harness

Steve Eiche seiche at shadetreesoftware.com
Wed Apr 26 22:32:27 EDT 2006

I don't get what you mean about the lip in the under hood area.  Basically, all you have to do is remove the asphalt piece on the raised portion where the housing will go, trace out the outline of the inside of the fusebox housing, and cut about 1/4" inside of the line.  Then bend up the lip slightly, just like they did on the later cars.  Drill four small holes for the mounting screws, apply a strip of butyl tape to the bottom of the fuse box housing, and screw it down.  The panel is already embossed with the raised portion for the housing, so it will be virtually identical to the later cars.

I personally wouldn't use any of the original ur q wiring.  No, you will not need to do any splicing if you do it correctly.  A few weeks ago a sold an entire set of wiring (rear harness, rear wiper harness, central locking harness, mirror harness, dash harness, window harness, and left side harness) that went into an '83 ur quattro that was getting "updated".  That stuff all came from CGTs and 4kqs.  Other than some changes to the pinout of the instrument cluster, along with the changes for the aftermarket fuel injection it got, it was all they needed.  You could use the main battery harness, but I wouldn't.  It has the dreaded "splice" which _will_ haunt you someday if it hasn't already.


Baby with the bath water, pretty good???

Wasn't something I had control over, before it was sitting in a scrap
yard, my original goal was the harness, the fuse box, the dash,
everything. But when it went to the scrap yard, I didn't have a lot of
options. They weren't even going to let me in the yard after it got
loaded into the dump box, until they asked for the title. Told them to
bring it back...or I would call the police and say it was stolen.

The major reason I went for the fuse box surround was the lip in the
under hood area that another fuse box could eventually go on top of
along with the butyl tape. I've got a fuse box and harness from a FWD
4000 and a bunch of dash parts...? There are a ton of 4000 CSQs around

Don't things like the Ur all the dash display-speedo, tach, wiring have
to be spliced into what ever harness I end up using, On the Lighting,
A/C, Starter, rear wiper, and the battery can't I use the Ur wiring?

Jack Walker

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