[Es2] [urq] Wiring Harness (for AAN)

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I need this too - wiring diagram for AAN engine/harness


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Hi guys


Not really putting together an S2 for those of you on the S2 list, but a
UrQ,  with a dash from a CGT, console, (and a harness and a ton of dash and
fuse box parts from a 854000FWD)  and a 93-ANN motor, so I guess what I'm
building is a 93-RR ??:-):-) 


I've got the wiring harness from the ANN, the surround of a CGT fuse box,
and of course the UrQ with the under dash fuse box.


I've read Huh Powell's dash replacement, and fuse box replacement pieces,
nice work.

Seen Steve Eiche's notes on wiring harness, to use an S2 harness.

And the recent topic on the UrQ forum about dash replacement.


Where, if I used a S2 or RS2 harness, would I come up with a wiring diagram
for either of these?


Doesn't sound like either the RS2 or the S2 harness will work totally with
UrQ, I'd still probably have to splice a ton on stuff into either of them


I've been going through the archives for days now and can't seem to find
Steve Elche's write-up. Could someone please point me to it, or give me just
a little help on using the search in the lists.



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