[Es2] Audi OEM Coupe Windshields anyone?

Adam Ordway adam.ordway at boston.ehr.com
Fri Aug 4 15:44:16 EDT 2006

-3 now

 thanks pete

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I ordered two windshields through Mac @Clair Parts Connection in 
Westwood, MA in the last hour.
Should be a Sigla or Sekuritat

Audi has (5) -2(the two I bought) in the US depots.

List is now down to $358....Mac says this may be an indicator that 
when they are gone, they are gone.

Mac can be reached at 800 354 5100

Buy early and often before they (oem glass) are gone...

-Peter Schulz
Chelmsford Ma, USA

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1991 90 20v Q Red

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