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Martin Trombley martintrombley at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 31 16:16:17 EDT 2006

Hello all,

My name is Marty and you may have seen me around Audiworld or MotorGeek forums as 90/90qs. I have a 20vt swap project I'll be beginning in a few days, as soon as I can get the garage space cleared and I wanted to pick some brains before I get into it too deeply. 
My lego pieces so far are:
Tornado red 1990 90q 20v, 
complete AAN engine (89k miles)
Oil cooler 
Wire harness
Airbox w/ MAF
some plastic intake pipe (3' long with bend in the middle)

I'm not sure what I'll need from this list, but I'll work it out along the way I guess. What I'm most interested in are problems I'll run into requiring me to locate hard to find parts or  items I'll need to fabricate. I'd like to start thinking about these things before I'm stalled waiting a week or 2 for a special hard to find part etc.
* I'm already aware that the dash cluster is a problem, and I plan to work in the original 7A wiring for these. 
* I'm also aware that the radiator needs to be moved or worked around so I'm curious what type of solutions can be found for this.
* Lastly I know the A/C will need to be reworked and I'm wondering if this is something people have found to be relatively easy. 

Aside from that I don't know of any other gotchas so any help, info, or experience good or bad would be appreciated!  
Take care,



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