[Es2] 6-speed conversion

Sean spcole at mn.rr.com
Tue Dec 19 12:23:39 EST 2006


I need a little help figuring out what pieces I need to get to finish my 
6-speed conversion.  What I have is a 91 CQ with a 3.6L v8 and a lovely 
2.5L TDi 01E 6-speed bolted together.  I have nothing on the tapered 
shaft coming out of the transmission so it looks like I'll need 
something to go on there.  I am going to be using RS2 mounts to make 
this a more or less bolt in with a rebuilt 4kq drive shaft.  So what do 
I need PN's would be great.

91 Cq V8 6-speed conversion in progress. (slowly)

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