[Es2] Looking for a known good 200q20v transmission

alan cordeiro alancordeiro at comcast.net
Sun Jan 1 11:44:03 EST 2006

I am looking for a used 016 transmission off a 3B engine from a 1991 200q20v.
Someone on my "home" list (the 200q20v list) suggested perhaps someone here
would have one of these lying around from a conversion....

My 200q has lost reverse, and the last week trying to eliminate external possibilities
such as bad linkage or failed transmission mounts, etc,  have led me to the conclusion
that an internal failure, however unlikely, seems to be the only other option.


alan cordeiro
1991 200q20v, 232 k miles..goes forward only....
(ann arbor, MI, if it makes a difference geographically)

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