[Es2] anybody out there?

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I'm here, progress has been slow with my project as well, lets see, whats new? I got my new header in with the 928 MAF but have been having trouble getting the car to run smooth at idle with the 928 MAF. Waiting for a new set of injectors to run a different set of chips that were programmed with this MAF so maybe I'll have some luck. Other than that, the car just sits in my garage and waits for those few and far between days when the roads are clear :)

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Seems like the list has slowed to a crawl, probably due to winter.
My progress:  none in months.  Too poor, too cold, too busy.

Need to integrate the 3B wiring to the '91 coupe q soon... if I can
recall which wire goes where after not looking at them for months...
also need to replace the foam in the airbox and reinstall it.

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