[Es2] anybody out there?

Jimmy Pribble Jimmy at texasbankers.com
Wed Jan 18 08:54:55 EST 2006

Still here. I was dormant for most of the Winter (don't know why, since it
has been in the 70's-80's for most of it), but I'm back on it now. Right
when I got the car running, I decided to sideline it again with another
long-term project by painting the thing. Well, let me tell you a little
something about shell preparation - weeks...weeks and weeks of work. It sux.
But, we have the first coat of Alpine White on the exterior. We (the
inexperienced) are doing it ourselves, so progress is slow, but we are
learning and taking our time. The car should look nice when it is finally

Also, every time we do anything, I fall into the "well while we are here,
let's also do ________" syndrome. So, while prepping the bare interior for
paint, I decided to pull out the dash again and rework all of the wiring.
Why I would willfully go through what Ashesh just complained about, I'll
never know, though with as much wiring as I have parsed, the job is much

On the bed (AW reference): Powerflex rear diff bushing and aluminum subframe
bushings all around. I also have Lexan ready to be cut into rear quarter

Anyway, I'm quiet, but I'm still here making slow progress.



> Seems like the list has slowed to a crawl, probably due to winter.

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