[Es2] If you track your eS2 or CQ, you need a harness bar

Brandon Hull Hull at cardinalpartners.com
Wed Jan 18 13:42:21 EST 2006

Last night in the shed I discovered the eS2 harness bar I had made up
when I was doing track events in the audi.  It is a 1.25" roll bar tube,
with tabs welded to each end that screw into the rear seat latch posts.
In fact I even bought two new fine thread factory bolts to attach it.  I
then had it powder coated black at a big facility in Trenton.  It is the
perfect height for attaching the shoulder harness straps of a five point

I am happy to give this to any worthy audi-ist who is willing to come
pick it up at my house.  I am totally unable to ship it anywhere, no
time, so don't ask.  I also have a Sabelt 5 point harness that I'd sell,
say $75.   

I am in Princeton, NJ.


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