[Es2] anybody out there?

Mike Teter mike at nittigritti.com
Wed Jan 18 14:05:23 EST 2006

Progress continues here, albeit slow. Too many other projects and the  
cold weather is no help.

Waiting on head porting work to be completed and needing a turbo to  
complete the parts. Matching up the 200 wiring harness to the CQ  
intimidates me as does pulling the dash, so I'm reading every bit I  
can on solving the wiring puzzle before diving in.

Issues that need advice / help:

I need a new turbo, TEC in Denver disassembled what I had and sent it  
back in pieces after they closed up shop. Any unwanted K24s out there?

Should I pull a driveshaft from a 4000 CS to use with the RS2 tranny  
or should I have my CQ shaft cut shorter?

Did I mention I need a turbo?

Kind regards to you all,

Mike Teter
Colorado Springs, CO

> Seems like the list has slowed to a crawl, probably due to winter.
> My progress:  none in months.  Too poor, too cold, too busy.
> Need to integrate the 3B wiring to the '91 coupe q soon... if I can
> recall which wire goes where after not looking at them for months...
> also need to replace the foam in the airbox and reinstall it.
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