[Es2] anybody out there?

Mike Teter knottymoondesign at gmail.com
Sat Jan 21 01:44:24 EST 2006

Yikes! I thought the Garret models would do better and "safer" since  
rebuild parts are easier to come by. What do you think happened in  
your failures? Too much boost? Not enough oil or coolant? Would you  
suggest getting a KKK (ie real RS2 turbo) over any Garret of similar  

I probably won't be tracking all that often, but the high altitude  
here will spin that sucker up pretty good on a regular basis.

For the clutch and flywheel, I'm trying the kevlar disk option with  
the SPEC clutch kit as well as the SPEC aluminum flywheel. Looks  
good, hope it holds up well enough.


On Jan 19, 2006, at 6:01, elijahallen92 at aol.com wrote:

> Mike,
>  I'll keep my eyes open for one. I realize when you say beefier you  
> mean performance wise and not overall strength but the KKK turbos  
> will last longer than the garrets almost always. I have had two  
> garret turbo's and both lasted less than 10K miles before they  
> needed a rebuild. I run a hybrid K27 now and its got over 40K miles  
> and 30psi at many track events and still is fine. Anyway, just my  
> personal experience.
>  Sounds like you have all the right stuff to mount the tranny. I  
> didn't have the RS2 line from the slave cylinder but I was able to  
> bend the urs4 line to make it work. What clutch and flywheel are  
> you going to use?
> Elijah
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> Hey Elijah,
> Yeah, I check each and every K24 that pops up on ebay, but have not  
> found one worth bidding too high on. The K24will be temporary a I  
> plan on going with a beefier turbo from 034Efi as soon as I run  
> through the first set of tires.
> I do have the S2 halfshafts and V6 subframe as well as the proper  
> slave cylinder and all the gear shift linkages, so I think the  
> 4000cs (or is it a kq?) driveshaft is all I lack (that I'm aware of).
> Thanks for the feedback!
> Mike
> On Jan 18, 2006, at 18:48, elijahallen92 at aol.com wrote:
>> Mike,
>>  I see K24's come up on ebay here and there. As for the RS2  
>> tranny, do you have the S2 front halfshafts and V6front subframe  
>> or a spacer? If not you'll need these as well, I used the 4000cs  
>> driveshaft and it worked fine. Anyway, sounds like things are  
>> moving along. Winter has been my big hold up as well (unheated  
>> garage).
>> Elijah
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>> Progress continues here, albeit slow. Too many other projects and  
>> the cold weather is no help.
>> Waiting on head porting work to be completed and needing a turbo  
>> to complete the parts. Matching up the 200 wiring harness to the  
>> CQintimidates me as does pulling the dash, so I'm reading every  
>> bit I can on solving the wiring puzzle before diving in.
>> Issues that need advice / help:
>> I need a new turbo, TEC in Denver disassembled what I had and sent  
>> it back in pieces after they closed up shop. Any unwanted K24s out  
>> there?
>> Should I pull a driveshaft from a 4000 CS to use with the RS2  
>> tranny or should I have my CQ shaft cut shorter?
>> Did I mention I need a turbo?
>> Kind regards to you all,
>> Mike Teter
>> Colorado Springs, CO
>> > Seems like the list has slowed to a crawl, probably due to winter.
>> > My progress: none in months. Too poor, too cold, too busy.
>> >
>> > Need to integrate the 3B wiring to the '91 coupe q soon... if I can
>> > recall which wire goes where after not looking at them for  
>> months...
>> > also need to replace the foam in the airbox and reinstall it.
>> >
>> >
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