[Es2] anybody out there?

David Kase davekase at pdqlocks.com
Mon Jan 23 14:00:11 EST 2006

Hey Mike,

I shipped a SPEC clutch over to the Netherlands for a guy.  He is 
running it in a high powered S2.  I can try to dig up his contact info 
if you like...

Dave K.

Mike Teter wrote:

> Yikes! I thought the Garret models would do better and "safer" since  
> rebuild parts are easier to come by. What do you think happened in  
> your failures? Too much boost? Not enough oil or coolant? Would you  
> suggest getting a KKK (ie real RS2 turbo) over any Garret of similar  
> spec?
> I probably won't be tracking all that often, but the high altitude  
> here will spin that sucker up pretty good on a regular basis.
> For the clutch and flywheel, I'm trying the kevlar disk option with  
> the SPEC clutch kit as well as the SPEC aluminum flywheel. Looks  
> good, hope it holds up well enough.
> Mike
> On Jan 19, 2006, at 6:01, elijahallen92 at aol.com wrote:
>> Mike,
>>  I'll keep my eyes open for one. I realize when you say beefier you  
>> mean performance wise and not overall strength but the KKK turbos  
>> will last longer than the garrets almost always. I have had two  
>> garret turbo's and both lasted less than 10K miles before they  
>> needed a rebuild. I run a hybrid K27 now and its got over 40K miles  
>> and 30psi at many track events and still is fine. Anyway, just my  
>> personal experience.
>>  Sounds like you have all the right stuff to mount the tranny. I  
>> didn't have the RS2 line from the slave cylinder but I was able to  
>> bend the urs4 line to make it work. What clutch and flywheel are  you 
>> going to use?
>> Elijah
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>> Hey Elijah,
>> Yeah, I check each and every K24 that pops up on ebay, but have not  
>> found one worth bidding too high on. The K24will be temporary a I  
>> plan on going with a beefier turbo from 034Efi as soon as I run  
>> through the first set of tires.
>> I do have the S2 halfshafts and V6 subframe as well as the proper  
>> slave cylinder and all the gear shift linkages, so I think the  
>> 4000cs (or is it a kq?) driveshaft is all I lack (that I'm aware of).
>> Thanks for the feedback!
>> Mike
>> On Jan 18, 2006, at 18:48, elijahallen92 at aol.com wrote:
>>> Mike,
>>>  I see K24's come up on ebay here and there. As for the RS2  tranny, 
>>> do you have the S2 front halfshafts and V6front subframe  or a 
>>> spacer? If not you'll need these as well, I used the 4000cs  
>>> driveshaft and it worked fine. Anyway, sounds like things are  
>>> moving along. Winter has been my big hold up as well (unheated  
>>> garage).
>>> Elijah
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>>> Progress continues here, albeit slow. Too many other projects and  
>>> the cold weather is no help.
>>> Waiting on head porting work to be completed and needing a turbo  to 
>>> complete the parts. Matching up the 200 wiring harness to the  
>>> CQintimidates me as does pulling the dash, so I'm reading every  bit 
>>> I can on solving the wiring puzzle before diving in.
>>> Issues that need advice / help:
>>> I need a new turbo, TEC in Denver disassembled what I had and sent  
>>> it back in pieces after they closed up shop. Any unwanted K24s out  
>>> there?
>>> Should I pull a driveshaft from a 4000 CS to use with the RS2  
>>> tranny or should I have my CQ shaft cut shorter?
>>> Did I mention I need a turbo?
>>> Kind regards to you all,
>>> Mike Teter
>>> Colorado Springs, CO
>>> > Seems like the list has slowed to a crawl, probably due to winter.
>>> > My progress: none in months. Too poor, too cold, too busy.
>>> >
>>> > Need to integrate the 3B wiring to the '91 coupe q soon... if I can
>>> > recall which wire goes where after not looking at them for  months...
>>> > also need to replace the foam in the airbox and reinstall it.
>>> >
>>> >
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