[Es2] ABY compared to AAN

Kenneth Keith auditude at gmail.com
Wed Jan 25 10:52:58 EST 2006

Hi Dave,

I believe the ABY has the 3B style intake manifold and path, but it
uses the direct ignition system of the AAN.  The AAN of course has the
other intake manifold.  I don't know of other changes, but I'm sure
there might be some.


On 1/25/06, David Kase <davekase at pdqlocks.com> wrote:
> Am I right in that we did not get the ABY in the U.S.?  (or did we get
> it in the UrS6?
>  From what I understand the AAN was never put in the S2 by Audi, is this
> correct?
> What is the difference between the AAN and ABY?
> Thanks,
> Dave

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