[Es2] Re: Es2 Digest, Vol 27, Issue 14

Mike Teter mike at nittigritti.com
Wed Jan 25 18:10:41 EST 2006


If you think the Dutch SPEC clutch recipient is willing to share his  
experience, I'd like to know what it is. I'm concerned about the  
clutch shaft pilot bearing working out with the RS2 tranny. I'm using  
the 3B bearing in the crankshaft for now and will measure up  
everything to see if all fits correctly with the SPEC aluminum  
flywheel and pressure plate. I didn't even think it would be an issue  
until I stumbled upon this little gem:


Now me thinks I'm not going to fit up everything like it should.

I'm using a Fidanza aluminum flywheel in the 7A & CQ 5 speed tranny  
without any special bearings, so maybe I should use the Fidanza  
instead of the SPEC? That'd be a real pain, since I've already had  
the moving parts dynamically balanced with the SPEC!  CR*P!

Enough of the worrying for now,

Thanks for any insight!

Mike Teter

> Hey Mike,
> I shipped a SPEC clutch over to the Netherlands for a guy.  He is
> running it in a high powered S2.  I can try to dig up his contact info
> if you like...
> Dave K.
> Mike Teter wrote:
>> Yikes! I thought the Garret models would do better and "safer" since
>> rebuild parts are easier to come by. What do you think happened in
>> your failures? Too much boost? Not enough oil or coolant? Would you
>> suggest getting a KKK (ie real RS2 turbo) over any Garret of similar
>> spec?
>> I probably won't be tracking all that often, but the high altitude
>> here will spin that sucker up pretty good on a regular basis.
>> For the clutch and flywheel, I'm trying the kevlar disk option with
>> the SPEC clutch kit as well as the SPEC aluminum flywheel. Looks
>> good, hope it holds up well enough.
>> Mike


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