[Es2] ABY compared to AAN

Mark McCandless mark at cr-x.org
Thu Jan 26 14:35:31 EST 2006

Thanks Tom, I will have to look into this as I didn't know the timing belt
was different.  I knew the ADU pump is smaller so it spins faster and pumps
more water, think the belt is slightly longer too. I'm curious if they did
the same to the AAN...


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Hey Mark,

At a glance at the two water pumps appear the same.  I think the differences
are with the diameter of the pulley due to the differences in the timing
belts between the AAN and ABY.  I've never actually checked it.

The ADU motor uses its own unique water pump.  Again, I assume this is due
to the ADU having a unique timing belt, camshaft sprocket, and timing belt.
These parts are different between the ADU and ABY.


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>	Out of curiosity whets the difference in the two water pumps?  Is
>of them the same as an ADU?
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>The AAN and the ABY are the similar in the aspects of the head and block.
>This includes all the internals within these two components like the 
>crank, pistons, cams, etc.  The differences come in the way of intakes, 
>how the accesories mount to the engine, the valve covers are different 
>to accommodate different turbo/intake plumbing, the crankcase 
>ventilation is different, the crank pullies are different and therefore 
>the timing belts are different, the power steering pump and A/C 
>compressor in the ABY is driven via a v-belt (AAN uses a serp belt), 
>the water pumps are different, the fuel rails are different, Oil pans are
different, etc.  Whue!!!
>Besides that the ABY and AAN are the same. :-)
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>>Am I right in that we did not get the ABY in the U.S.?  (or did we get 
>>it in the UrS6?
>> From what I understand the AAN was never put in the S2 by Audi, is 
>>this correct?
>>What is the difference between the AAN and ABY?
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