[Es2] ABY compared to AAN

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Jimmy Pribble has some really good info comparing the various I5t's on his 
site. Unfortunately, I seem to have misplaced the link to his current 
homepage. Anyone?


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> Thanks Tom, I will have to look into this as I didn't know the timing belt
> was different.  I knew the ADU pump is smaller so it spins faster and 
> pumps
> more water, think the belt is slightly longer too. I'm curious if they did
> the same to the AAN...
> Mark.
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> Hey Mark,
> At a glance at the two water pumps appear the same.  I think the 
> differences
> are with the diameter of the pulley due to the differences in the timing
> belts between the AAN and ABY.  I've never actually checked it.
> The ADU motor uses its own unique water pump.  Again, I assume this is due
> to the ADU having a unique timing belt, camshaft sprocket, and timing 
> belt.
> These parts are different between the ADU and ABY.
> Tom
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>> Out of curiosity whets the difference in the two water pumps?  Is
> one
>>of them the same as an ADU?
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>>The AAN and the ABY are the similar in the aspects of the head and block.
>>This includes all the internals within these two components like the
>>crank, pistons, cams, etc.  The differences come in the way of intakes,
>>how the accesories mount to the engine, the valve covers are different
>>to accommodate different turbo/intake plumbing, the crankcase
>>ventilation is different, the crank pullies are different and therefore
>>the timing belts are different, the power steering pump and A/C
>>compressor in the ABY is driven via a v-belt (AAN uses a serp belt),
>>the water pumps are different, the fuel rails are different, Oil pans are
> different, etc.  Whue!!!
>>Besides that the ABY and AAN are the same. :-)
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>>>Am I right in that we did not get the ABY in the U.S.?  (or did we get
>>>it in the UrS6?
>>> From what I understand the AAN was never put in the S2 by Audi, is
>>>this correct?
>>>What is the difference between the AAN and ABY?
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