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Give me a call. You can have a meal or a bed for the night. Traveling 
mercies for you and your wife.

Hap, wit dakine invit aand not from Evahboost no moh, Maguire

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    Hey all, the trip to Utah went smooth with no problems or tickets. I 
have been skiing and snowmobiling as much as my body will let me. We 
have changed our plans of going to Jackson Hole from here to going to 
Colorado. We have been looking at land out there for a few years now 
and thought this might be a good time to check out a few more spots, 
also I want to ski Telluride and Wolf Creek. We'll be going through 
Grand Junction and down through Telluride then down around Durango and 
back up to Pagosa Springs and Wolf Creek. From there we'll head for 25 
north up through Denver and on to hwy 80 for the long haul home. Hope 
to see some S-cars out on the road soon, I haven't seen one yet. I 
haven't had access to the internet so for those who have written me I 
was able to read your mails today and thank you for the warm welcoming 
emails. We will be leaving Park City in the morning Friday for the next 
leg of our trip. One thing that has been acting up with the car is the 
heat sometimes comes out cold even when the car is warm but only for a 
bit then it heats up normal. Is this a heater control valve going bad? 
  Elijah (enjoying the sun and snow in the west) Allen 
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