[Es2] Old School Quattros this Saturday Cumberland, MD USA!

Doug Macy dmacy1 at atlanticbb.net
Mon Jul 24 14:11:53 EDT 2006

Subject: 2006 Old School Audi Quattro 7/ 28-30 Cumberland, MD USA!

Final call for T-shirts tomorrow, and we expect at least 10 Audis in the
Autocross (and some R32's and STi's to dice with)

 2006 Old School Audi Quattro 7/ 28-30 Cumberland, MD USA!

  The third annual Old School Audi Quattro gathering will be held
 July 28-30, 2006 in Cumberland, Maryland! This is a special event
 focused on older Quattro models up to and including the 1995.5
 S6, but anybody is welcome to attend.

 We are guests of National Road Autosport, and the main activity
 of the weekend is autocrossing at the Greater Cumberland Regional
 Airport. However, we also make plenty of time for meeting people,
 sharing stories, looking under hoods, eating great food, and
 seeing the beautiful countryside around Cumberland.

 Sponsored by 034 Motorsports and Custom Auto Craft

 Doug Macy
 Cumberland, MD
 1990 CQ w/ suspension
 1987 4000 Quattro w/ 20VT&034efi

 Check www.nationalroadrally.com

 and Old School Quattros...


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