[Es2] things that tend to break on es2's at the track

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On 6/7/06, Miller, Chris <chris.miller at infofoundry.com> wrote: 

	Peter:  Keep in mind that you ran Lime Rock with your stock 7A
	(170hp+/-).  An S2 is what, 50% more HP or more?  That's 50%
more heat, 
	An S2 may also pre-heat the air by putting the intercooler in
the grill;
	that also reduces the volume of air flowing through the
radiator.  Bad.  
	 One could argue that even the aux rad has the same effect. In
general flow to the rad is pretty restricted either way. 

There's a difference between a direct hose connection, and one that
leads through a radiator core.  The added restriction to flow in the
aux. radiator should prevent coolant from bypassing the primary radiator
core (and it cools pretty well out there in front).

	I considered the 2Bennett rad - an Alu rad that replaces the
OEM. Is this the same as the 034EFI rad?

 I haven't seen the 2Bennett version, but it likely is the same setup as
the 034 unit.  Double core, so thicker than stock, all metal.  I had
some issues with my 034 radiator and I'm going back to a stock unit,
with an aux. radiator.

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