[Es2] things that tend to break on es2's at the track

Miller, Chris chris.miller at infofoundry.com
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Agree that a bigger oil cooler is needed.  I assumed that mounting the
cooler up high, like in the stock aux. radiator position, would be bad,
as it might drain back when the engine is cool.  I'm hoping to mount
mine in the lower right corner, below the airbox, with some ducting to
move air to/from it.

I'll have to price that RS2 fan shroud... was planning to cut/glue
together something from the 200 fan shroud.  If it isn't crazy $$, the
RS2 unit would be a nice easy upgrade.


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A larger IC will make the coolant and oil run hotter.  This is because
you will be increasing the charge density, thus making more power, which

makes more heat.   A bigger radiator is the way to go.  With a big 
radiator, you can get rid of the aux radiator (nice spot for a bigger
oil cooler), but I would not remove it if you are using a stock size

For cars running lots of boost, a bigger oil cooler is a necessity for
track events, etc.  This is because oil is used to cool the pistons,
like water is used to cool the block and head.  If you are only taking
care of the coolant, you are only doing half of the job.


Richard Tanimura wrote:

>That's interesting Dave. I have an S2 where I removed the aux cooler 
>and I would agree with you. I think it made a small difference and I am

>running slightly hotter than before. In retrospect, I think Audi put in

>the aux rad for a reason.
>I have heard it argued that a larger IC, by lowering the charge temp, 
>will lower engine temps. The lower intake temps propogate through the
>Makes sense to me.
>I have not done it yet, but my idea was to remove the aux rad to make 
>room for a larger IC. I figured the effect of the larger IC would 
>cancel the effect of the aux rad removal. So far I have only gotten
half way.

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