[Es2] things that tend to break on es2's at the track

Steve Eiche seiche at shadetreesoftware.com
Wed Jun 7 12:39:28 EDT 2006

You don't need a custom fan shroud to run the 200q radiator fan.  The 
RS2 used that fan, and believe it or not that RS2 fan shroud is a good 
US number (893 121 207 H), available at your friendly Audi dealer.   You 
WILL need to upgrade the wiring for the fan, including the relays and 
fan resistor.  You can get those parts from any 5k or 200.


Miller, Chris wrote:

>Peter:  Keep in mind that you ran Lime Rock with your stock 7A
>(170hp+/-).  An S2 is what, 50% more HP or more?  That's 50% more heat,
>An S2 may also pre-heat the air by putting the intercooler in the grill;
>that also reduces the volume of air flowing through the radiator.  Bad.
>I'm hoping to make the stock 200q20v radiator fan work with my coupe;
>will need a custom shroud.  Much larger motor than the coupe uses in 7A

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