[Es2] IC vs. AR?

Bernie Benz b.benz at charter.net
Wed Jun 7 11:59:30 EDT 2006

Hi Rich, Dave. 

I¹ve been lurking on this Es2 list to keep track of what you guys are up to,
but I¹ll add my .02 to this one.

The total delta heat content of a 20 degree change in charge air temperature
is a trivial heat input change relative to the heat generated from the
combustion of the fuel added to that charge, so this is not the reason to
strive for coolest possible charge, F.I. or NA. Maximizing the useful
working temperature range to the charge detonation point is all important,
and charge temperature is one factor, as also are head and piston surface

So, if you¹re pushing the engine, don¹t sacrifice radiator capacity! The
aux. rad. location doesn¹t see much air velocity, but it¹s better than
eliminating it, and that¹s no place for an effective IC anyway.

IMO, the most effective place for a larger capacity IC (along with the oil
cooler) is behind the full width grill in the lower part of the bumper
(dumping the fogs). This requires a long, narrow IC, which can be cheaply
fabbed by welding two 5K IC cores together in single pass series charge air
flow. The resulting IC has the cross section of the 3B IC but is 28² in core

Have fun!


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> That's interesting Dave. I have an S2 where I removed the aux cooler and I
> would agree with you. I think it made a small difference and I am running
> slightly hotter than before. In retrospect, I think Audi put in the aux rad
> for a reason.
> I have heard it argued that a larger IC, by lowering the charge temp, will
> lower engine temps. The lower intake temps propogate through the engine.
> Makes sense to me.
> I have not done it yet, but my idea was to remove the aux rad to make room
> for a larger IC. I figured the effect of the larger IC would cancel the
> effect of the aux rad removal. So far I have only gotten half way.
> Richard

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