[Es2] things that tend to break on es2's at the track

Adam Ordway adam.ordway at boston.ehr.com
Fri Jun 16 13:48:22 EDT 2006

Brandon wins !!!!!  Car looses.

It blew a huge gash (from clamp to clamp) in a 90 degree OBX branded
silicone elbow that dumps into the intercooler.

So is it commonly held that Samco boost hoses are the best way to go?


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Wow a thread with some life!  Well I once broke most everything from the
cowl forward at the track but I guess that's not what you mean.  I never
had cooling issues but from day one I ran Evans zero pressure coolant
which I continue to think is a great idea in turbo engines, I don't know
why everyone doesn't do it...  
I would guess the single most frequent contributor to
artificially-shortened sessions in an I5 turbo is losing a hose.  So I'd
emphasize fresh hoses, monster clamps, checked for tightness.   There is
also a serious oil slosh problem although now I can't remember if it is
long right handers or left handers that are the problem; but there is
bad history here so don't overfill the oil and I wouldn't track it at
all without the oilpan windage tray.  

Dunno how good you are at the track but absent adjustable anti-roll
bars, you can have fun experimenting with tire pressures.  High rear
pressures might get that pig to turn in and stay in long enough to wave
to the apex.   In any event, the operative phrase is "trail brake"

Have fun, sure wish I was going!


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