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Mark, thanks for your response and the link. Understanding that you are
trying to repeat your understanding of the Evens coolant, and not wanting to
put you down at all, only this hype. IMO:

1. Apparently the Evens is 100% PG, not an H2O mixture. Inasmuch as H2O has
the highest specific heat of any substance on this planet, the heat transfer
capabilities of PG are maybe half that of H20. Further, with its
considerably higher viscosity the same pumping loop system will have a
substantually lower flow rate. Both factors contributing to a lesser heat
transfer from the engine.

2. Cavitation is not a factor in heat transfer to the fluid. It does not
exist on the wetted heat source surfaces. The surface coefficient of heat
transfer from a source surface is greatly increased by turbulent rather than
laminar flow across the surface, requiring the maximumizing of flow
velocities and minimumizing of fluid viscosities.

3. The vaporization of liquid in micro bubbles on the source surface further
increases the heat transfer to the fluid. Inasmuch as H2O has the highest
heat of vaporization of any fluid, it is again the best heat transfer fluid
on the planet. Additives to H20 are necessary only for corrosion protection.
Pressurization increases the boiling point of water to extend its heat
transfer capabilities. When you want maximum cooling, use a mixture of only
10 or 20% EG.


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> Evans is Propylene Glycol as opposed to Ethylene Glycol.
> It's got a much  higher boiling point so there's no cavitation against the
> cylinder walls, so there's better heat transfer.
> It's not a new black magic potion, but it is more expensive therefore not
> very popular.
> http://www.evanscooling.com/index2.html
> Regards,
> Mark
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> Hi Brandon,
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>> Wow a thread with some life!  Well I once broke most everything from the
>> cowl forward at the track but I guess that's not what you mean.  I never
>> had cooling issues but from day one I ran Evans zero pressure coolant
>> which I continue to think is a great idea in turbo engines, I don't know
>> why everyone doesn't do it...
> And just what is Evans zero pressure coolant?? Sounds flakey to me.
>> I would guess the single most frequent contributor to
>> artificially-shortened sessions in an I5 turbo is losing a hose.  So I'd
>> emphasize fresh hoses, monster clamps, checked for tightness.   There is
>> also a serious oil slosh problem although now I can't remember if it is
>> long right handers or left handers that are the problem; but there is
>> bad history here so don't overfill the oil and I wouldn't track it at
>> all without the oilpan windage tray.
> Hi G right turns slosh the oil to the left and out the breather system. The
> windage tray may help on short duration turns but not on the long sweepers.
> Bernie
>> Dunno how good you are at the track but absent adjustable anti-roll
>> bars, you can have fun experimenting with tire pressures.  High rear
>> pressures might get that pig to turn in and stay in long enough to wave
>> to the apex.   In any event, the operative phrase is "trail brake"
>> Have fun, sure wish I was going!
>> Brandon
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