[Es2] Who needs a 3 inch DP and exhaust?

CaptMagu at aol.com CaptMagu at aol.com
Thu Jun 22 16:39:14 EDT 2006

Hi guys

I thought that I would share some info off a couple of experiences with 
urS4s. A while back, i modified the rear section of Gen II Stromung. What I learned 
from mike pederson's findings with the same exhaust on his now departed, can 
we have a moment of silnce please, was that these systems were not truly 3". 
Sure we had an excessivelt long 2 1/2" section coming out of the turbo and 
making up a lot of the DP but what we didn't realze is that this Gen had a 2 1/2" 
inlet on the rear muffler. I ended up replacing the entire rear section with a 
3 1/2" section including the rear muffler. My exhaust note was raised 
excessively. It was TOO loud, with no drone, but definetly too loud. During my 
current reiteration of an S-car we decided to weld a 3 1/2" V-Band clamp to the 
turbine section of the turbo so we're fully a 3 1/2" system. I knew the car would 
be that much louder so I had 3R Automotive add a small Burns Stainless low 
profile muffler. It works like a champ and I'm quieter than before with no 
complaints from my wife ;>) Dave Dawson is also another urS-guy running a 3 1/2" 
system that he fabbed. He uses that oblong Nascar stuff to get it to fit under 
his car. His car is also too loud. I have heard lots of the later Gen Stromung 
3" systems and they are very quiet.

Hap, wit dakine muffled response not from Evahboost, Maguire

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