[Es2] [s-cars] new baby girl

DGraber460 at aol.com DGraber460 at aol.com
Sun Jun 25 23:27:10 EDT 2006

In a message dated 6/24/2006 5:05:48 P.M. Mountain Daylight Time,  
elijahallen92 at aol.com writes:

Hi all, Friday morning my wife started having contractions at 6am and  gave 
birth to a healthy baby girl at 10:05am that morning. The S6 got us there  and 
back with no problems (audi content). I need some sleep now,  night,


Friday night I walked my youngest (now 24) down the aisle and gave her to  
what I feel is a great son-in-law. This is truly as great a joy as when she was  
Don't blink! You will miss the whole thing as they grow up in a  nano-second! 


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