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Thanks Tom, I will check them out. I'm really only interested in coating them with something that will hold the heat in otherwise I'll just leave them alone. Thanks,

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As far as do-it-yourself coatings, most of the best ones require heat curing at moderate temps, meaning you cannot just bolt them on and expect the heat from running to cure them properly.  For simple applications that seem to work fine without oven baking, I have had the best luck with Eastwood Manifold paint.  www.eastwoodco.com  I don't know if this is ceramic, but it holds up better than a lot of other over the counter manifold paints. 
Best bang for the buck, though, seems to be powder coat. There are new 1,000 degree powders in limited colors. I have used a couple different ones with excellent luck - most recently on a supercharged, air-cooled V/12 1932 Franklin. They discolor slightly when full hot, but is holding up well and powder coating is dirt cheap compared to Swain or Jet-Hot type coatings. 
Tom Rasmussen
Odyssey Restorations, Inc.
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Anyone know of a good ceramic paint that will hold up well on the exhaust manifold? I have used Swain Tec in the past but they are expensive and I thought if I could just do it myself that would be better. Thanks for any help/links to coatings.

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