[Es2] S2 opportunity

Richard Tanimura richard.tanimura at gmail.com
Tue Mar 7 01:14:16 EST 2006

More 3B S2's and some ABY S2's are showing up on the market at
unbelievable prices. Because of galvanization, most of these cars are
in great shape. Things like the struts, control arms, etc might need
sand blasting and powdercoating. Exhausts may be rusty. Brake and fuel
lines probably need replacing. These are all FMIC cars. They weigh
less and are more agile than the S4's. Parts like stiffer  springs,
swaybars, bigger FMIC's, 2.5" and 3" SS exhaust systems, etc are still
fairly easy to source. Information on upgrades are widely available on
sites like S2forum. Plus the dollar is high so it is now it may be
possible to buy a real S2 for cheap. Maybe even less than the cost and
labor of sourcing and assembling parts for an eS2.

I know that real S2's were never sold in the USA and as such are not
legal. But what if the car is imported into the US in parts and
reassembled? Is that legal? Or would that take all the fun out of it?


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