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You touched the central issue I think.....the recipient car. The fact
that there are such things as eS2's mean that people are taking parts
from something else, transplanting them and getting their cars
registered. My personal preference is to take the I5 motor rather than
the V6.

That said, collective warnings come from BTDT. I accept the caveat. It
just may not be the last word.


On 3/8/06, quattro + 5 or 8 = fun <thequattroking at yahoo.com> wrote:
> I am a lurker on this list.  Hope I can add some insight here.
> I have a colleague that has a Land Rover Discovery.  He desperately wants to
> convert it to a diesel with a standard tranny.  In Idaho where he lives
> there are no smog checks.  So no emission issues with converting it to a
> diesel.
> We work in Central America where there are a lot of TDI Rovers.  What my
> colleague found out was as long as he had a recipient car in the USA he
> could import the TDI donor (in parts) and build the TDI he wants using his
> donor car.
> I don't see why you couldn't do the same with an S2.  Just use your existing
> Cq as the recipient.  I don't know the chassis differences between an S2 v.
> Cq.  But, if major, one could cut the VIN areas off the Cq and transfer to
> the S2.  My colleague has informed me there is only one spot on the Rover
> that he would have to do this with.
> Basically the other option, he would buy and import the disassembled TDI.
> Put the motor, suspension and Tranny back in it.  Cut the VIN specific parts
> off his current gas Rover (I think he said it is the left "A" pillar), and
> weld it into the one he just imported.  I don't officially know anyone that
> has done this.  I have only read about people who have (my colleague says
> there are guys on the Rover lists who have).  But, I imagine it would be
> much harder if you lived in an area that did smog and safety checks.
> I have shipped containers all of the world.  The last one from Europe was a
> 20' container from Bremerhaven to Long Beach.  I paid about $785 with port
> fees and shipping fees.  So, getting an S2 here may not be as expensive as
> one might think.  FYI, if anyone decides to do this, I use USF Worldwide.
> They have offices all over the world.  But, I arranged my shipments out of
> Seattle.
> Shayne
> Bay Area, CA
> Eastern WA State
> PARTING:  1972 Mercedes Benz 280 SE 4.5
> PARTING:  1986 Audi 4000 CS quattro
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> > Sure, you can import one in parts and then re assemble it but you'll never
> > tile and register it without spend big $$$. Many have looked into this and
> > many have failed.
> >
> > Elijah
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> > More 3B S2's and some ABY S2's are showing up on the market at
> > unbelievable prices. Because of galvanization, most of these cars are
> > in great shape. Things like the struts, control arms, etc might need
> > sand blasting and powdercoating. Exhausts may be rusty. Brake and fuel
> > lines probably need replacing. These are all FMIC cars. They weigh
> > less and are more agile than the S4's. Parts like stiffer  springs,
> > swaybars, bigger FMIC's, 2.5" and 3" SS exhaust systems, etc are still
> > fairly easy to source. Information on upgrades are widely available on
> > sites like S2forum. Plus the dollar is high so it is now it may be
> > possible to buy a real S2 for cheap. Maybe even less than the cost and
> > labor of sourcing and assembling parts for an eS2.
> >
> > I know that real S2's were never sold in the USA and as such are not
> > legal. But what if the car is imported into the US in parts and
> > reassembled? Is that legal? Or would that take all the fun out of it?
> >
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