[Es2] S2 opportunity

Jimmy Pribble Jimmy at texasbankers.com
Wed Mar 8 09:15:52 EST 2006

> ...and getting their cars registered.

The cars are ALREADY registered.

So, am I to understand that US Customs will let you import a non-US-spec car
on your promise that you won't drive it? Cross your heart and hope to die?
That seems unlikely, but let's run with it. So now you have an S2 in your
driveway, but it's not titled and you can't get it inspected and you
definitely can't get insurance for it...so, you cut your VIN off of your CQ
and weld it to the S2. This ruins your CQ, but heck, it wasn't worth but
maybe $1500 in the first place. So you go to have the CQ taken to the
salvage yard, but whoops, they won't take the car without a title. So, now
you have a car you can't even give away, much less sell, so now you spend
your spare weekends cutting apart the car and throwing it away
piece-by-piece, which is a drag because you only have the regular-sized
trash can and the one time you got greedy and tried to use the dumpster at
the industrial park down the street, you got caught and had to pay a $200
fine. But that's okay because now you have an S2 with a title, plates,
inspection sticker, and even insurance. Life is grand! You're so excited you
go for a spirited drive, but forget that the car doesn't handle as well as
your friend's Evo and you promptly plow yourself into a tree. Whoops. So,
the insurance adjuster comes calling. "Nice car," he says. "I like what you
have done to it. The Euro gauges in kph are a nice touch. Anyway, that was a
pretty good hit, so I'm going to total the car. Let's see...1990 Coupe
Quattro...uh, well your car is kind of strange because there is no A/C and
you have cloth seats, which isn't even shown in the book. Whatever, I can
give you $1100. If you can get me some receipts for your aftermarket stuff,
I might be able to help a little, but probably not much." Dejected that your
insurance settlement didn't even cover the cost of your real CQ, much less
the S2, you go and tell your tale on AudiWorld, where you receive so much
humiliation that you go off and kill yourself. But all is not wrong in the
world - the AudiWorlders show some heart and everyone ads a little black
"arm band" to their sig with your initials and RIP.

That's the good version of the story.

The bad version of the story goes - you are busted with a fake VIN, you lose
the car and go to jail. :-(

Still waiting for the final word...


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