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Peter Schulz pcschulz at comcast.net
Wed Mar 8 16:56:21 EST 2006

Depending whether you bring in a 3b ( you can say its a 3b from a 
1991 200 20v... pretty easy when it has the 02 sensor and cat attached ;-))
or the ABY ( thats an US S4/S6 engine) ...

But make sure you have plenty of US documentation with you....
such as ETKA, etc...

When I imported my S2 3b, I researched the DOT/epa sites,  printed 
out volumes of data, brought the 200q sales training and Bentley 
manuals with me, etc... and brought my 3b wagon with me to customs 
just in case...

In the end, I didnt need any of it, but I was prepared.....


At 04:17 PM 3/8/2006, David Kase wrote:
>Duty is very little.  I brought in a 6' x 4' x 4' crate and I can't 
>remember exactly but the duty was negligible.
>Basically you can cut a car in half and ship both halves and call it 
>"parts".  I am looking into that very scenario.
>That or remove the engine and you've got "parts".
>Dave Kase
>Richard Tanimura wrote:
>>So let's move on. The point of departure is a domestic CQ to be used
>>as a host. Fine.
>>And there is apparently nothing illegal about bringing parts of an S2
>>into the country piecemeal since this is what has been done in other
>>Can someone who has done this tell me what customs duty on parts are?
>>How much do "parts" have to be disassembled to count as parts/spares
>>and not sub-assemblies?
>>You can send me the answers off-line or not as you chose.
>>Es2 mailing list
>>Es2 at audifans.com
>Es2 mailing list
>Es2 at audifans.com

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1990 CQ red ( to part or not)

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