[Es2] S2 opportunity

Steve Eiche seiche at shadetreesoftware.com
Wed Mar 8 17:33:06 EST 2006

A few years ago there was a real '90 RR ur quattro advertised in 
Autoweek.   The seller was asking mid $20ks for it.  The seller had it 
brought in and titled by Sunshine Imports in FL.   I did some research, 
and found that even though it had a good title, it would be almost 
impossible to legally drive in here in CO without doing some serious 
funny business.  Dean Treadway bought the car, and takes it to track 
events I have been told, but I doubt that it is licensed for street 
use.  Not legitimately anyway.   If you want a collector car to bring in 
and look at in your garage, that is one thing, but for something that 
you would actually drive, I would convert a US car.

Personally, I see no advantage to bringing in a whole S2.   The real 
deal would not be worth significantly more than a converted car here, 
especially not enough more to warrant jumping through the hoops to make 
it legal.  You can, however, have everything that is different shipped 
over, like everything in the engine compartment, wiring, suspensions, 
etc. and convert a US legal car.   My guess is that that you could buy 
virtually everything needed from a late S2 or RS2 for $5k or so.  
Shipping is no big deal.  That is basically what I did with an RR (20Vt) 
ur quattro.  A friend in Germany bought a wrecked '90 ur quattro, and 
sent me all the wiring, suspension, A/C stuff, engine, rear diff, etc. 
and shipped it over.   He cut up what was left of the shell and threw it 
away.   All in all, I think that I may have paid a total of $50 in duty 
over several shipments, but most of the time Customs just signs off on 
the shipment without charge.

With my car, I found that if I want to be 100% legal, I can take the car 
to the special inspection station in Denver, where they will check the 
car for all of the emissions equipment that should be on the car with 
the later engine (3B from '91 200q or AAN from '92 S4), like PCV system, 
charcoal cannister, O2 sensor, catalytic convertor, MIL, etc.   Once 
they give their sign off,  you get a sticker, and the car would be 
emissions tested for the year of the engine from then on.  I even 
checked with a policeman friend about the lights and bumpers, and he 
said that there would be no problem as long as it is properly adjusted.

Bottom line, bringing in a real S2 (or RS2) through the proper channels 
would be stupid IMO.  The cost would be unreal both monetarily and 
timewise, for a car that would be worth maybe $20k here. 


Jimmy Pribble wrote:

>>odometer fraud is a piss in the bucket.
>It's not "odometer fraud" - it's insurance fraud. At least that's how the
>indictment will read.
>>Problem kinda solved.
>Not so much. Nobody has yet explained the process for deceiving US Customs
>into letting the car into the country. Maybe pack the car in coffee so that
>the dogs can't smell it? Oh wait, that's something else. ;-)
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