[Es2] The last word

Richard Tanimura richard.tanimura at gmail.com
Fri Mar 10 03:28:18 EST 2006

Thanks to all for the hard data. I like the "engineering samples" thing.

Brandon Hull, in another thread, clinched it for me. I know he has
been down the road.

Peter S point about preparation is well taken. And the more you're
prepared, the luckier you tend to get. Not my strong side but I can do
it if I gotta. I will mine the DOT/epa.

Dave, thanks for the customs and sizing info.

I am really not interested in an outlaw car. I want to drive the
thing. From where I stand a US CQ with a US 3B, AAN or V6 transplanted
into it is no more or less of an outlaw than one with a euro 3B or ABY
or ADU in it. But that doesn't make it so of course.

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