[Es2] I brought her home!

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 Congrats on the new car, you made the right choice to go ahead and buy one that was done, you saved yourself alot of time and money and now you can just take an already good car and make it better. Let me know if you need anything, I am selling my es2 and I have lots of extra parts around.
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Well Gentlemen, I finally actually have an e//S2 in my possession! 
I bought the silver (not the dove grey one) one that was on Ebay a few weeks ago. 
The seller is building his dream e//S2 (pearl white) so he is sold this one to fund it. It was done by an Audi garage north of Toronto. It is AAN powered with an ABY intake manifold and some custom intake plumbing. This car is fantastic! What a feeling to drive a Coupe that actually is fast. 
The car has 105k miles on the chassis. It was obviously owned stored in a garage as the original paint is very nice.  
I have to do a few things to it to make it the way I want but I am 90% there. I was hoping to build my own but I am trying to simplify my life right now. My kids are 5 and 7 and the actually like to be around me right now. I want to enjoy that while I can. 
Dave Kase 
'90 CQ - for sale 
'90 e//S2 - smile maker 

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