[Es2] S2 instrument cluster ?

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Tue May 9 20:42:51 EDT 2006

 Here is a question that someone might know. Thanks
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Got the parts today, thanks. Also, I just got the speedo odo gauges from a 1996 S2 coupe. All the plugs seem to match up, but one. The S2 gauge cluster has a yellow plug w/ wires (i think 5) coming out the back of it. My 1990 Coupe cluster does not have this. Any ideas? I got it off ebay and remember the listing mentioning an ambient temp display on the dash, could that be the wiring? I haven't got it fully installed yet. Hope to tonight. If you're not sure, maybe you could re-post this on the eS2 list. For some reason I get the threads in my email, but can't post my own questions. I email them out, but they never appear.


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