[Es2] ready to get in on the action

Adam Ordway adam.ordway at boston.ehr.com
Wed May 10 11:04:08 EDT 2006

Well due to interesting timing and circumstances I have ended up with
both a built ES2 (Elijah's car) and most of the bits and pieces ('90 CQ,
3B, S2 harness, misc. other junk) to build another one.  

I am thinking of selling the CQ, 3B, and assembled parts once I get some
things sorted out with the new car but then again it may be fun to build
it as the 'mild' little brother to Elijah's 'wild' ride.


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Now that my B5 S4 is gone (end of lease) I am ready to get into position
for a jump into the ES2 world.  I currently own a decent early CQ and
have the needed S2 body parts (bumpers, hood, lights) stored away.  The
next step for me is to decide to wait for a post conversion car to come
up for sale or to hunt down someone to do the work (mechanicals and
body).  I live in New England and would appreciate any opinions on the
likelyhood of a car coming available before spring and whether there is
someone in the Northeast that is known to be able to pull this off (as
I've learned from 18 months of being on this list that it is well beyond
my abilities).
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