[Es2] Coupe 5 lug conversion - Brakes

Kenneth Keith auditude at gmail.com
Thu May 25 15:18:33 EDT 2006


If I may interject, the RS2 caliper brackets are a proven combination
for urS cars and those with the same strut housings and G60's (V8's
and 200q20v's) when used with A8L rotors and 993tt calipers, which are
available in red or black (the black ones are actually 928gts units).
I don't know if 996 non-turbo calipers are the same as the big reds
and blacks, although they all bolt onto the RS2 bracket.  Would there
be an advantage to using the 996 non-turbo calipers instead of the
993tt or 928gts, or are you just looking for options?

I bought the parts to do that "cheap" big brake conversion to my
200q20v, but then I bought a billzcat1 Turn 9 setup off Audifans to
use instead.  A friend said he would buy my big black-based set off
me, but if he doesn't then I would have one available for sale.  I
should know pretty soon as soon as his house closes. ;-)



On 5/25/06, Jack Walker <JackW at ihco.com> wrote:
> Ben,
> Saw your notes on the Es2 list.
> The 996 calipers bolt to the RS2 carriers.. I'm assuming those calipers
> you speak of are the non turbo calipers, didn't know they fit to the
> bolt pattern on the RS2 brackets, which were designed to work with the
> 993tt calipers.
> I'm going to try and get a set of the 996 calipers to place onto my 95
> S6, do you know if they work with the RS2 carriers and the A8 rotors?
> Then as soon as I confirm the fit on those, I'm going to try the setup
> on my UrQ with some hats I have and move things around to fit.
> <<<<I have done the S2 5-bolt conversion. In the rear I'm running stock
> S2 rear rotors and stock coupe quattro calipers. Up front I have 323x30
> A8 rotors,
> RS2 caliper brackets and Porsche 996 4-piston monobloc calipers.
> Everything is a straight bolt-on with the exception of some custom
> bending on the hard brake lines going to the 996 calipers. Very nice
> setup but there are countless other options for front and rear. Just
> depends on what you want to spend. My setup cost me less than $1000
> front and rear including the hubs.>>>>

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