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Tue Nov 7 15:43:27 EST 2006

Uhg. The conversion just got more complicated and expensive.

The 3B I have is high milage (200k), and the wire harness is
a mess (it's been cut up and is missing plugs), so I have
been looking for another option.
And then 2 weeks ago a friend in CA totalled his prestine 
S6 (Brian Powell's 1997 Canadian S6, with 80k miles and 
full RS2 bits - may we have a moment of silence), so now 
he's buying it back from the insur. company, selling it to 
me, and I'm going to ship the wrecked S6 to Denver and use 
the AAN in the CQ.

And  the CQ conversion might have to wait a few months.
Depending on the S6structural damage, I might replace 
the bent suspension pieces and run the S6 at the 
Gruppe-Q Steamboat snow event (2nd most fun thing you can
do in a car).

I'll know more when the S6 gets here in a few weeks.


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> Subject: 3B WIRING
> Thanks Ben, Chip, and Peter for the wiring references. I have some possibly
> ignorant questions:
> #1: in a very basic sense, wouldn't the engine start if I have all the
> engine components under the hood connected to the '91 200tq 3B harness, ECU
> plugged in, and simply applied power to the ECU and fuel pump, and cranked
> it over?
> #2: is it better to identify and strip all the extra wires from the 3B
> harness, or simply make room for the thicker bundles?
> #3: how do I read the pinouts for all the miscellaneous connectors under the
> dash? I know they usually have at least one pin identified, but I can't find
> any illustrations to show them for sure. I am having trouble with color
> codes not matching the connector I think I am looking at, or not matching
> the one identified pin. Any general guidelines or specific illustrations?
> Thanks all for your help. I have been dreading this part of the project for
> a long time, and I am wondering if I am making it harder that it needs to
> be.
> Rick in Ohio

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