[Es2] another E//S2 is born

Rick Houck rhouck at neo.rr.com
Tue Nov 14 23:35:03 EST 2006


I just wanted to say thanks for the help with the wiring on my coupe
conversion project. After sitting for over 6 years, the 3B fired right up
and will now run on its own. I have not even connected the mass airflow
sensor and intake plumbing, but it apparently has some default values that
allow it to run. I have lots left to connect to see if everything else
works, but I am happy to have reached a milestone.

I studied the excel spreadsheets and used them as a starting point, but
ended up making a wiring diagram that I could more easily understand. When
everything is proven to be working (or at least fixable), I will be glad to
share what I have. I had a little trouble interpreting the spreadsheets, and
my brain understands wiring better than a list of things that should somehow
be connected.

I will also be glad to share a couple of the basic decisions that had to be
made before connecting wires (like where to make the connections, how to
route the wires, etc).

Again, I will have many more questions about how others have solved
plumbing, wiring, and exhaust issues, but a big thanks to those who laid the
groundwork and shared their knowledge.

Rick in Ohio
very fast '90 10v turbo dedicated track coupe quattro w/32k miles (>200k on
modified motor)
newborn '90 20v turbo coupe quattro E//S2 street car w/47k miles (119k on
stock motor)

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