[Es2] what exhaust and converter?

Matt twentyV matt_20v at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 16 10:22:15 EST 2006

Yes absolutely you want an exhaust much freer flowing
than stock.  When I did the 3B conversion I initially
had a Scorpion exhaust, plus the stock 200tq downpipe.
 While the Scorpion was quite loud with the 7A motor,
with the 3B it was dead quiet and the motor really
struggled to make full thrust on boost.  I then went
with a 2Bennett 3" DP and exhaust (single rear box)
and it really opened up, the difference was
significant.  As I did both the exhaust and DP at the
same time I can't say which made the most
contribution.  My guess is the exhaust.

--- Peter Schulz <pcschulz at comcast.net> wrote:

> Rick:
> the "y" pipe bolts to the S2 3B downpipe and then to
> two kittys...
> I purchased the 034 3 inch DP and plan on getting
> their complete 3 
> inch exhaust instead of fabbing my own.
> If you can cut and weld, SS, maybe you want to make
> your  own.
> BTW,  the half inch difference in diameter can make
> a big deal...
> Ask Matt Rooke about the transformation on his K24
> turboed eS2 when 
> he installed the 3 inch DP and exhaust.
> -Peter
>   At 10:48 PM 11/15/2006, Rick Houck wrote:
> >Guys,
> >
> >I have a factory downpipe, supposedly for an early
> S2. It does not split
> >into two pipes like I have seen on some, and it has
> a 3-bolt ring to bolt to
> >a converter. What exhaust pipes, mufflers, and
> catalytic converter do you
> >run or recommend.
> >
> >The stock coupe pipes are smaller than the 2-1/2"
> of the downpipe. I see
> >that the polished stainless steel CAC system from
> Europe for the coupe
> >matches the size, but I don't know if there are
> more reasonable
> >alternatives. My stock system might work for a
> while, but it is not in great
> >shape and is probably not worth starting with it.
> Any help would be
> >appreciated. Thanks.
> >
> >Rick
> >
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