[Es2] The coupe is alive again:

livinotte at cox.net livinotte at cox.net
Tue Nov 28 21:49:09 EST 2006

Hi guys.

Work has been killer lately and the pockets haven't been that full of cash.   However since last monday aka pre thanksgiving I've had some time off.     I took the coupe out of storage last monday, and have been working non stop on it ever since.    I tried getting it running in storage but she wasn't having it.    I figured it out to be a bad fuel pump.    So it got towed to home and off I went running like a bat out of hell.   I skipped thanksgiving too, or more should I say my family ditched me.   Which is fine, because they were gone for 4 days while I took over the house.

I spent a day or two re-reading schematic and trying to refresh myself with audis again.      Next thing u know it, the interior is out.     I started off attacking the fuel pump.    To my slight surpise,  the tank was rusted to shit on the inside and the fuel pump was covered in rust.   The previous owner had an amp screwed down into the tank.   I wanted to replace the tank for a while now.   I was going to do it anyways, but I wasn't expecting all the rust.   I'm not sure exactly how it happened, sitting and not starting for awhile didn't help but it was pretty damn bad.    So I've got another perfect tank and a perfect new fuel pump that happen to come with the other coupe quattro I owned.    I swapped everything over and replaced alot of fuel lines and the fuel filter.     As of right now I've got 1500psi parker stratoflex fuel line in there and it seems to be working just fine.   I've got a MKII "large" fuel filter with nipple fittings vs the 12mm and 14mm banjo setup.    My local hydraulic shop had the last fitting I need to mate to the stock coupe quattro fuel filter but he wouldn't sell it to me because he said his other "customer" bought it.   Needless to say, come friday I might swap over to the banjo setup.   However everything seems fine.   

In the process of  taking the coupe quattro back into the house I figured I hit it with full throttle and go through as much as I can afford.     I ended up redoing all my battery cable setup and I'm quite please with the results.   I also finished the sound system too.    The dash is still not in the car, but I'm going to replace the digital climate control with the 3 turn knob style setup found in 90s and 80 quattros.     So, tomorrow I will be running to the junk yard and pulling that setup out of a sedan.    Also, there was a big ass mouse nest in my heater core box,   If I remember right I got another heater core box from the junk yard and I think it might of had that nest in there for a while.    The mouse didn't eat any wires thank god.   Actually besides the nest nothing was wrong with it.    The smell was rediculus, pre finding this out.   I smelled it while test driving the car a year ago and wonder wtf was going on with the system.   I guess that explains everything.

I've got a bunch of other stuff to tackle in the next few days but things are going very well.  I would of had it running for a while tonight but there's no exhaust on it.    Also,  I'm exhausted and I'll wait to run it with vagcom just to keep an eye on it.

figured I'd send an email  and wake up the ES2 list.


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