[Es2] trip computer?

Jackson, Andrew andrew.jackson at bmo.com
Thu Nov 30 06:43:57 EST 2006

Yes, I believe that is the correct one.
The UrS4/S6 guys should be able to verify.


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Thanks Andrew.

Speaking of "both Bentleys", I have the 80/90/CQ Bentley.  What is the 
other one?  Is the S4 in the '92 100 Bentley?


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Jackson, Andrew wrote:

>My AAN'd CQ is LONG gone, but I remember enough to know that the only
>connection you will need to make is from the ECU fuel consumption
>to the instrument cluster.
>All the rest is handled internally in the cluster.
>Sorry, I don't recall exact pinouts.
>Both Bentleys are your friend.
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>Does anyone have their trip computer working in their e//S2?
>Mine doesn't.  Any chance on getting it working with an AAN
>Dave Kase
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