[Es2] ES2 trainee options

Peter Schulz pcschulz at comcast.net
Thu Oct 12 09:01:23 EDT 2006

I'm debating a "poor man's " approach to reduced rpms at cruising 
speed by using an 01a transmission from a  B3 90Q20v...

At 07:55 AM 10/12/2006, David Kase wrote:
>4k a 80mph in 5th????
>My car has a CQ tranny and is running around 3k at 80mph.
>David Kase
>Engineering Manager
>PDQ Industries
>717-656-8749 (f)
> >Hi everyone, finally finished my ES2, I did use coupe trainee, now 
> my ANN engine revs 4K at 80 mph, did anyone knows vat is needed to 
> install S6 trainee in CQ thanks a lot jk
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